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  • Fortinet
  • Invest in Canada
  • Radisson
  • Fabric
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • BYU
  • Rauw Alejandro
  • Flexispot

Dynatrace offers a platform for understanding the performance of multi-cloud environments. A publicly traded company that serves customers in a variety of regions including North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. It was established in 2005 and generates revenue of approximately billion dollars per year.

The Journey

Dynatrace worked with EAM to plan and carry out a worldwide airport advertising campaign across various continents such as Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America. Together with our airport concession partners, we crafted an airport media campaign that included both digital large format and digital screen networks that reached specific groups of people within airports.


Dynatrace's campaign was displayed in major airports including Paris, London, São Paulo, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, Tokyo, and others. It reached over 60 million people around the world.

Fortinet, Inc. provides broad, integrated, and automated cybersecurity solutions in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. The company, which is publicly traded. It was established in 2000 and generates revenue of approximately 4.4 billion dollars per year.

The Journey

We helped Fortinet develop, plan, and execute a U.S. and Canada airport advertising campaign across many markets such as Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington DC, Dallas, and many more.


Fortinet’s campaign was able to garner over 40 million impressions and helped elevate the brand as a leader in cybersecurity solutions.

Invest in Canada works directly with global investors to unlock investment opportunities and facilitate expansion in Canada. They bring industry, community and government partners together to offer seamless services that make it easy for you to grow your operations in Canada.

The Journey

EAM supported Invest In Canada by helping to develop and implement a customized approach that targeted airports in the U.S., Europe, and Middle East. The goal was to promote investment opportunities in Canada to C-level executives. A combination of digital and print media effectively reached this traveling demographic.


The Invest in Canada campaign appeared in prominent airports such as London, Dubai, and New York, as well as in airline club lounges across various U.S. airports. This exposure enabled Invest in Canada to garner more than 49 million impressions.

Radisson Hotel Group provides a dynamic set of hotel brands for a wide range of travelers and budgets. Each of these brands has its own identity. Any traveler can feel at home when they decide to stay with us, because there is always a Radisson Hotel that caters to their needs.

The Journey

EAM assisted Radisson in planning and executing a South America and Mexico City marketing effort. The objective was to increase awareness for Radisson's properties in key tourist spots. Both digital and physical branding was employed to reach travelers.


This campaign resulted in over 30 million impressions across Buenos Aires, Santiago, Bogota, and Mexico City.

Fabric is the headless commerce platform purpose-built for growth. Headless means connecting every sales channel (head) to a single source with Fabric. Customers like GNC and The Honest Company trust fabric for its open and modular design, allowing them to be live in weeks without having to re-platform.

The Journey

EAM helped Fabric plan and executed a full takeover of digital and security tray signage at San Jose Airport. Fabric was able to take over 82 digital faces covering 5,252 square feet of live area. In addition, all 760 TSA trays in the security line had Fabric branding on it.


With over 10 million impressions, Fabric was able to showcase their offering and attract new customers. The San Jose takeover allowed Fabric to establish and position itself as a trustworthy leader in the space. Maintain a high level of visibility with different audiences.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is the business school of the University of Pennsylvania, a private Ivy League research university in Philadelphia. Generally considered to be one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, the Wharton School is the world's oldest collegiate business school, having been established in 1881.

The Journey

We assisted The Wharton School in planning and executing a crucial initiative to raise awareness of their Executive Education program. The plan was to target and focus on professionals in business club lounges of major airports in the U.S. Cities targeted included: Philadelphia, New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, San Diego, and Atlanta.


Wharton successfully connected with targeted professionals in United, Delta, and American Airlines business club lounges.

Brigham Young University is a private research institution located in Provo, Utah. Founded in 1875, it currently has over 30,000 undergraduate students enrolled, and more than 440,000 living alumni.

The Journey

We assisted BYU with planning and carrying out a multi-market airport advertising campaign aimed at increasing enrollment for the upcoming year. We used the digital video capabilities of airports in Salt Lake City, Dallas, Chicago, and Washington DC as the main focus of the campaign.


We implemented a strategic approach to maximize BYU's budget by having ongoing year round ads in Salt Lake City Airport and rotating them in other key markets. This campaign was run for an entire year, which allowed BYU to maintain a high level of visibility with different audiences.

Rauw Alejandro, is a world-renowned singer and songwriter from Puerto Rico. His Vice Versa album has amassed more than 3.6 Billion streams and topped the Best Albums of 2021 lists in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPR, and Billboard.

The Journey

EAM helped plan, secure, and execute a domestic and international airport and inflight ad campaign for the release of Rauw’s newest album “Saturno”. Reaching a massive audience in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Chicago, and onboard all JetBlue planes.


The ads for Rauw Alejandro’s Saturno have been seen by over 15 million people across the U.S. and in Spain. This campaign will not only accompany the release of the album but also help with promotion of the upcoming tour.

Flexispot has always been the go-to for the best height adjustable standing desks, offering ergonomic solutions that help people upgrade their home office. The company has 20 years of experience in the ergonomics industry and have helped over 10 million people avoid spine health problems with their array products.

The Journey

We were tasked by Flexispot to boost brand recognition in the U.S. We aided in pinpointing crucial airports for their campaign and executed a yearly branding takeover of TSA security trays in 5 major cities: Chicago, Denver, Charlotte, Washington DC, and Los Angeles.


Flexispot generated over 100 million impressions by displaying their brand to U.S. consumers at 5 major airports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is airport advertising effective?expand_more

Airport advertising is highly effective for several reasons. Airports are bustling hubs that cater to a diverse and captive audience, including business travelers, tourists, and frequent flyers. This results in prolonged exposure to your ads and increased brand awareness. Additionally, airport advertising allows you to target specific demographics, ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

Airline club lounges, frequented by business travelers, offer an exclusive environment for targeted advertising, capturing the attention of high-value customers. Furthermore, airport Wi-Fi enables precise device targeting, allowing you to engage with passengers on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

With various formats such as digital screens, billboards, and experiential marketing, airport advertising provides a unique opportunity to create memorable and impactful campaigns, ultimately driving higher conversion rates for your brand.

Read more on airport advertising effectiveness

Why is airport advertising important?expand_more

Airport advertising is important due to its unique ability to capture the attention of a diverse, captive audience with significant purchasing power. As passengers spend considerable time in airports during check-in, security screening, layovers, and baggage claim, they are more likely to absorb and engage with advertising messages.

Airport advertising elevates your brand's image, as it is often associated with luxury, innovation, and global reach. By leveraging a variety of formats, such as digital screens, billboards, and experiential marketing, airport advertising creates memorable and impactful campaigns, positioning your brand as a leader in its industry.

Does airport advertising work?expand_more

Absolutely, airport advertising works effectively due to the unique environment and audience it caters to. Airports attract a wide range of passengers, from business professionals to vacationers, providing a captive audience with substantial spending potential. The time spent by passengers during check-in, layovers, security checks, and baggage collection creates ample opportunities for ads to resonate and leave a lasting impression.

Airport advertising allows for precise demographic targeting, ensuring your message reaches an audience most likely to engage with your brand. By utilizing strategic ad placements in areas such as airline club lounges, gate areas, security, ticketing, food area, bag claim, and leveraging airport Wi-Fi for device targeting, you can tailor your campaigns to specific customer segments.

Furthermore, airport advertising offers diverse formats, including digital displays, large-scale billboards, and immersive experiences, which contribute to creating memorable and persuasive campaigns. By capitalizing on the airport's dynamic setting, your brand can achieve increased visibility, enhanced brand image, and ultimately, higher conversion rates.

How much does it cost to advertise at the airport?expand_more

The cost of airport advertising can vary greatly depending on several factors, including the specific airport, location of the advertisement within the airport, ad format, size, duration, and the level of customization. Smaller regional airports typically have lower advertising costs, while prime locations in larger international airports command higher prices due to increased footfall and visibility.

Ad formats, such as digital displays, large-scale billboards, experiential marketing, or ads in airline club lounges, each come with their own price range. Digital ads are often priced on a cost-per-impression basis, while traditional static formats like billboards might be charged monthly or for a fixed campaign duration. Customized, immersive experiences generally require a higher investment due to their unique and interactive nature.

To determine the exact cost of advertising at an airport, it is best to consult with one of our airport advertising specialists for specific rates and available options tailored to your brand's needs and budget.

Which airport advertising is more effective?expand_more

The most effective airport advertising strategy depends on your target audience, campaign goals, and budget. To maximize impact, consider demographics, ad format, budget constraints, and creativity. Tailor your ads to the audience, choose the right format for your objectives, and create visually appealing messages. Ultimately, a well-planned and targeted approach will yield the best results for your airport advertising campaign.

How do I advertise at the airport?expand_more

Contact us for the best and appropriate available options tailored to your brand's needs and budget.


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