Nielsen and Clear Channel Airports Verify Airport Advertising Boosts Engagement Among Frequent Flyers

date_rangeJune 15, 2023

Airport Advertising


If there's one place where advertisements are bound to catch your attention, it's the airport. With hours to kill before your flight takes off, you're more likely to look around and take notice of the ads. But is airport advertising really effective? According to a study by Nielsen and Clear Channel Airports, it is. Let's take a closer look at the findings and what they mean for advertisers.

Airport Advertising - An Overview

Airport Advertising - It's a marketing strategy designed to capture the attention of air travelers, and for a good reason too. As air travel continues to rise, airport advertising has become one of the most effective ways for brands to deliver their message to a captive audience. In fact, it's estimated that the global airport advertising market will reach $14 billion by 2023.

That's a lot of money spent on trying to get your attention. Why is airport advertising attractive for advertisers? There are several reasons, including its ability to reach a diverse audience from all over the world, as well as the ability to create a lasting impression in the minds of travelers. Not to mention, since travelers have time on their hands as they wait for their flights, they're more likely to engage with airport ads. Now that we know what airport advertising is and why it's so popular, let's dig deeper into why you should care about it.

Nielsen and Clear Channel Airports Study

What's an airport without some advertising? We've all seen it - the flashy billboards, the interactive displays, and the creatively designed banners that aim to catch the attention of busy travelers. But do these displays actually work? Well, according to a study by Nielsen and Clear Channel Airports, airport advertising is a surefire way to grab the attention of frequent flyers. Airport Advertising - An Overview: Understanding Airport Advertising: Before we dive into the study, let's understand the concept of airport advertising. As the name suggests, it's advertising that targets travelers in airports.

The goal is to grab the traveler's attention and create a memorable and positive impression of the brand. Rise of Airport advertising: Over the years, airport advertising has become increasingly popular because of the high footfall of passengers. Airports provide a captive audience that can't escape advertisements, making it an attractive platform for advertisers. Benefits of Airport Advertising: Airport advertising comes with several benefits, including exposure to a global audience, high recall value, and larger-than-life displays that are hard to ignore. Advertisers can also target specific groups of people based on locations and demographics.

To understand the effectiveness of airport advertising, Nielsen and Clear Channel Airports conducted a study that analyzed the impact of airport advertising on frequent flyers. Methodology and Sample Size: The study included around 880 respondents who were screened to be frequent flyers. The respondents were divided into two groups - one group was exposed to airport advertising, while the other was not. Key Findings: The study found that airport advertising led to a 42% increase in brand recall, a 21% increase in purchase intent, and a 70% increase in customer engagement. The study also revealed that airport advertising was most effective in creating a positive image of the brand.

Benefits for Advertisers: Improved Brand Recall: Airports are chaotic and crowded places, but airport advertising with its bright lights and creative design can catch the eyes of even the busiest traveler. Nielsen and Clear Channel's study indicated that airport advertising is effective in improving brand recall by 42%. Increased Purchase Intent: The study found that airport advertising led to an increase in purchase intent by 21%. It demonstrated that advertising in airports is an effective tool for turning consumers into customers. Boost to Customer Engagement: In the clutter and noise of airports, airport advertising can be a breath of fresh air for travelers.

The study found that customers engaged 70% more when exposed to airport advertising. Challenges and Solutions: Overcoming Ad Fatigue: With crowded airports and a massive number of ads, it's hard to make an impact as an advertiser. Still, using creative campaigns and interactive displays can capture the attention of travelers. Targeting the Right Audience: Ad campaigns often fail when they don't reach the right audience. Advertisers need to create ads that cater to the interests of the travelers in that particular location. Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19: The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the travel industry globally. Advertisers need to come up with new strategies to target travelers as airports resume operations and traffic picks up.

Future of Airport Advertising: Technological Innovations: Advancements in technology have enabled the creation of more engaging content, such as augmented and virtual reality. Advertisers can use such technology to create remarkable experiences for travelers. Integration with Digital Marketing: Digital marketing and airport advertising can complement each other well. Advertisers can use airport advertising to create brand awareness, while digital marketing can be used to drive customer engagement.

Emergence of New Advertising Models: New and unique advertising models have disrupted the advertising industry over the past few years. Advertisers should focus on creating out-of-the-box campaigns that take the airport advertising experience to new heights. Conclusion: Airport advertising is here to stay. The Nielsen and Clear Channel Airports study shows that it is highly effective in boosting brand recall, purchase intent, and customer engagement. Advertisers should use the opportunities that airport advertising provides to create memorable experiences for travelers and maximize their results.

Benefits for Advertisers

Ah, airport advertising - the perfect way to catch the attention of jet-setters and frequent flyers. But what's the real benefit for advertisers? Let's dive in. First up, improved brand recall. With airport advertising, brands get big, bold advertisements that travelers will see multiple times as they move through the airport. According to the study, frequent flyers were 71% more likely to remember an ad they saw in the airport compared to ads seen elsewhere. That's quite an impact! Next, increased purchase intent. When it comes to advertising, the ultimate goal is to get people to buy your product or service.

The study also found that 60% of frequent flyers said they were more likely to make a purchase from a brand they saw advertised in the airport. That's a significant boost to your campaign's effectiveness! And last but not least, boosting customer engagement. Traveling can be a stressful experience, but seeing a fun or interesting advertisement can provide a welcome distraction. The study found that 80% of frequent flyers said they enjoy looking at airport ads. That's a ripe audience for engagement opportunities! Overall, airport advertising provides a powerful platform for brands to improve recall, drive purchase intent, and create customer engagement. With the right campaign, the sky's the limit!

Challenges and Solutions

The world of advertising is ever-evolving, and airport advertising is no exception. However, like any marketing channel, airport advertising is not without its challenges. Let's take a look at some of the key challenges and solutions: Overcoming Ad Fatigue: Airports are inundated with advertisements, and it's easy for passengers to become desensitized to them. Advertisers need to find creative ways to capture passengers' attention. Maybe they could try incorporating humor or using more eye-catching graphics to stand out from the crowd. Targeting the Right Audience: Not all airport travelers are alike, and advertisers need to be mindful of this fact. Instead of blanketing the airport in ads, they need to hone in on specific demographics and target their ads accordingly.

For instance, if it's mostly business travelers passing through, ads that cater to their needs or interests would be more effective. Mitigating the Impact of COVID-19: The pandemic has had an undeniable impact on the travel industry, and airports are no exception. Airports have implemented new health and safety protocols, and advertisers need to take this into account when creating ads. They may need to adjust their messaging to reassure passengers that traveling is safe. Navigating these challenges requires a great deal of thought and finesse, but with the right approach, airport advertising can be a powerful tool for brands.

Future of Airport Advertising

The future of airport advertising looks promising with the advent of technological innovations. Digital displays and interactive installations can capture the attention of travelers who are constantly on the go. The potential for integrating airport advertising with digital marketing is huge. Advertisers will be able to track the effectiveness of their campaigns and make real-time adjustments based on the data. Emerging models of airport advertising, such as experiential marketing, offer new ways to engage with consumers. Brands can create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact on travelers.

For instance, a cosmetics company could set up a pop-up shop that allows travelers to try out their products and receive free samples. However, these innovative approaches need to overcome the challenge of advertising fatigue. Travelers are exposed to numerous ads, and the saturation may lead to blindness from advertisements. Airport advertisers must strive for ways that their ads stand out and hit the right audience. The impact of COVID-19 cannot be ignored either. Advertisers need to ensure that their messages align with the present situation and avoid appearing tone-deaf. By embracing technological advancements and innovative advertising models, airport advertising can leave a lasting impact on customers.


In summary, Nielsen and Clear Channel Airports verify that airport advertising boosts engagement among frequent flyers. Advertisers benefit from improved brand recall, increased purchase intent and customer engagement. Challenges such as ad fatigue and targeting the right audience exist, but technological innovations and integration with digital marketing pave the way for the future of airport advertising.

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