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Frequently Asked Questions

Is in-flight advertising effective?expand_more

In-flight advertising has proven to be an exceptionally effective marketing tool for businesses aiming to capture the attention of a captive audience. When passengers are on board a flight, they're more likely to engage with advertisements because they have fewer distractions and limited entertainment options. This heightened focus provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to create lasting impressions and drive brand recall.

In addition to this, in-flight advertising allows for precise targeting based on factors such as travel class, destination, and passenger demographics. This level of personalization ensures that your message reaches the most relevant audience, maximizing your return on investment. Furthermore, the exclusive and premium nature of the in-flight environment helps to elevate your brand's image and credibility, leading to a positive association in the minds of potential customers.

In summary, in-flight advertising is an incredibly effective method for reaching a captive, receptive audience with targeted messaging, ensuring high engagement and strong brand recall.

Why is in-flight advertising important?expand_more

In-flight advertising is important for several reasons:

a) Captive Audience: During a flight, passengers are confined to their seats with limited distractions, providing advertisers a focused and attentive audience. This results in higher engagement and more time spent consuming the advertisement.

b) Premium Environment: The in-flight setting offers a unique, upscale atmosphere, associating your brand with an air of exclusivity and luxury. This can significantly enhance your brand's image and perception.

c) Long-lasting Impressions: The nature of air travel allows for longer exposure to ads, creating a more memorable experience for passengers. This increases brand recall and the likelihood of future engagement with your product or service.

Does in-flight advertising work?expand_more

Yes, in-flight advertising works effectively due to a combination of factors. The captive nature of the audience ensures that passengers are more likely to engage with and pay attention to the ads. With fewer distractions, passengers have more time to absorb the advertising content and form associations with the advertised brand. Moreover, the premium environment of air travel helps elevate your brand's image and credibility.

The ability to target specific customer segments through in-flight advertising further enhances its effectiveness by reaching the most relevant audience. By tailoring your ads to specific demographics or routes, you can maximize engagement and conversions. Overall, in-flight advertising has demonstrated its efficacy in capturing attention, driving brand recall, and creating lasting impressions.

How much does in-flight advertising cost?expand_more

The cost of in-flight advertising varies depending on factors such as the airline, ad format, placement, and duration. Different media formats have different production and distribution costs, and some formats may have a higher demand or limited inventory, affecting their pricing. Additionally, more prominent or exclusive placements tend to command higher prices. Contact us for the best and appropriate available options tailored to your brand's needs and budget.

Which in-flight advertising is more effective?expand_more

The effectiveness of in-flight advertising depends on your target audience and objectives. Pre-roll video seatback spots and roadblock unskippable spots with a 30-second duration can be highly effective due to their captive nature. Passengers are likely to watch these ads while engaging with in-flight entertainment, resulting in high exposure and engagement rates. The unskippable nature of roadblock ads ensures that passengers view the entire ad, making them more memorable and impactful.

How do I advertise onboard planes?expand_more

Contact us for the best and appropriate available options tailored to your brand's needs and budget.


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