American Airlines Inflight Advertising

American Airlines Inflight Advertising

American Airlines has always been at the frontline of air travel enhancements. From providing the first transcontinental jet service and the world’s first airline loyalty program to offering the very first VIP lounge, the airline is on top of things. This is part of the reason American Airlines is the biggest airline in the world. And when it comes to inflight advertising, they’re also the company to focus on.

Another notable feature of this airline is the fact that they own the most new aircraft in the country. Constant upgrades to entertainment and comfort encourage passengers to choose American more often than other airlines.

The airline caters to business travelers and those who wish to stay connected while traveling, by providing power ports in every row of their new A321s, 737s and their retrofitted A319s. Wi-fi is now standard, as well and premium cabins feature high quality headsets on transcontinental flights.

American Way Magazine Advertising

American Way Inflight Magazine Advertiisng
  • Magazine: American Way
  • Readership per year: 197,340,801
  • Issues per year: 12
  • Audience: First, Business, and Economy

American Way went to print for the first time nearly 50 years ago and is now read by over 16 million frequent travelers. Reader tend to be affluent and have completed higher education, often reading the magazine inflight or at the Admiral Club Premium lounge. With an appealing design and a wide variety of internationally appealing stories on high-class destinations, celebrities and other fascinating stories, American Way offers high quality content for affluent travelers.

American Airlines Celebrated Living Magazine Advertising

American Airlines Celebrated Inflight Magazine Advertiisng
  • Magazine: Celebrated Living
  • Readership per year: 19,500,00
  • Issues per year: 12
  • Audience: Premium Class Passengers and Admirals Club members

Celebrated Living is printed quarterly and is written exclusively for the top travelers served by American Airlines. Those who spend time in Admirals Club lounges have access to the magazine, as do those traveling in the premium cabins on American Airlines. Advertising is focused on the best things in life, from travel and food, to culture and property. Stories also cover experiences that have spiritually enriched the lives of those who lived the experience. With 4.9 million readers, Celebrated Living is a top of the line magazine that is highly prized among affluent readers.

American Airlines Nexos Magazine Advertising

American Airlines Nexos Inflight Magazine Advertiisng
  • Magazine: Nexos
  • Readership per year: 20,500,00
  • Issues per year: Bi-monthly
  • Audience: Spanish and Portuguese speaking passengers

As the only in-flight magazine offered in Spanish and Portuguese, Nexos is exclusive to Pan-Latin flights with American Airlines. The stories within its pages are based around food, property, events and Latin celebrities, as well as lifestyle and shopping, which affords the perfect opportunity for brands to establish themselves in mid-air. The sleek style of the magazine makes it popular with international travelers and the bright, witty prose keeps them glued to the page.

American Airlines Inflight Video Advertising

American Airlines Inflight Video Advertising

Inflight video advertising is the ideal method of reaching travelers. Inflight entertainment is often the main form of entertainment on airplanes and seat-back screens allow brands to reach their ideal customers easily. Inflight video advertising options on American Airlines include boarding videos, inflight videos, banner ads and overhead pre-roll ads, as well as tablet options.

American Airlines Provides Free Inflight Content

Posted: March 15, 2018

August is a big month for American Airlines and a great one for passengers. It’s also a month that will provide prime opportunities for inflight advertising. The airline has already established a reputation for being amazing at keeping passengers entertained on long flights, but as of August, all content is free. You don’t even have to buy WiFi.

With the most extensive content library of any U.S. based airline, American Airlines offers more than 250 movies and more than 300 television program episodes. The actual content available on a flight depends on the aircraft and the route, but there’s certainly no lack of entertainment. To make things even simpler, the company offers all the information on their website, so passengers can check out what will be available on their flight before boarding.

In addition to video, the airline offers a range of music and audio channels and even video games like Tetris and Battleship. At this point in time, only a handful of American aircraft are set up to stream content to personal devices, like mobile phones or laptops, but that will likely change soon.

As passengers begin to access more and more information and entertainment on their own devices, the more opportunity there is for inflight advertising. It’s the perfect time to start planning your own advertising campaign for devices that will be connecting to airline libraries.